About SanJac Ranch

Through our ongoing commitment to superior genetics and cooperation with industry leaders, we have developed some of the best Brangus genetics in the country.

We believe the best Brangus genetics are found at Mound Creek Ranches.  Our relationship with Eddie Blazek, owner of Mound Creek, began when we purchased the SanJac and continues today.  With Eddie providing direction we have been able to develop an outstanding small Brangus herd with the same genetic strengths as the Mound Creek program.   We have been a Mound Creek “cooperator” for many years.

Herd Advisor, Tracy Holbert, does our breeding assignments pairing the superior herd sires from Mound Creek with SanJac cows.  Through, Tracy’s guidance we have developed an outstanding herd of mama cows ideally suited to produce quality calves.

Our breeding program is based on Artificial Insemination (AI) of each cow utilizing the top sires from the Brangus Breed.

Our cows are content and healthy based on a low stress environment plus quality feed, forage and minerals.  This provides the dams the ideal place to raise her calfs in a safe clean environment.

The focus is on quality not quantity and the Brangus Breed of cattle flourish in the hot sticky climate of the East Texas “Piney Woods”.    This is most apparent during the 100 deg days of July/August when the cattle are out foraging and not standing under a shade tree.

The ranch is our home so the cattle must be friendly with gentle attitudes and easy to handle or they are not allowed to stay.  The Brangus cows are good mama’s, gentle and content to let us walk up too them which we do almost daily.

We derive great satisfaction working with our family, our friends, and the Mound Creek Ranches who share the same passion of raising quality breeding stock.   If you are of the same “mind”, come visit and lets us take you around our “Little bit of Heaven”.