Herd Sires

Sires account for the greatest share of a cow herd’s genetic make-up. After three generations of daughters from genetically superior sires, seven-eights of a herd’s genetic make-up comes from the sires. With this in mind, it is easy to see why an AI program is important to a herd’s development.

A good AI program will achieve a 50-60% conception rate.  Follow-up (clean-up) bulls are just as important as they will sire 40-50% of your calf crop.

Our  calves have proven that investment in superior sires is a key element in achieving genetic goals. With our focus on quality not quantity, our herd sires are a key element of our breeding program.

MC Lead Gun 129U “Shooter” and  MC Sweeper 629X, co-owned by the SanJac River Ranch and Mound Creek Ranch are our follow-up bulls. 

Also, We were fortunate to have MC-Special Forces 924Y4 for the fall 2013 breeding season.  His calves, born Sept.-Oct 2014 are outstanding and may be the best we have ever seen.

Shooter”  Sired by Lead Gun of Brinks 222K14, a herd sire that is listed by the IBBA as a top 25 trait leader for WW and REA.  His calves are impressive phenotype, wide tracking, big ribbed, easy fleshing,  loaded with muscle  and overall quality.

“Sweeper”   was sired by the $65,000 “MC-True Grit” bull.  He is moderate sized, large ribeeye, huge tecticles and earns a top 1% mark for hisIMF genetic predictor and then balances the remaining EPD values.

Reference Sires  Our AI sires are selected from the top Mound Creek herd sires and include “MC Something Special 129W14”, “MC-Too Cool 1420W30”, “MC-OnStar 924W4″, MC-Elegido 924W6″, MC-Revelation 129T”, “MC-Tank 165N3”, “MC-Jethro 00S3”  and others.  For more details on these herd sires go to Mound Creek’s web-site

Previous “follow-up” bulls include MC John Wayne 16P3, MC Sonny Side 165M, MC CoolHand 10P10, and MC Target 55K.